Photogra, Inc. offers a suite of professional photography software products.
Below features several of our most popular products:


dropoutGS is the flagship software product of Photogra, Inc., the recognized leader in event photography services and solutions for over 10 years. All of the most popular solutions that we have provided to our commercial clients since 1999 have now been combined into a single powerful and flexible program that can be used in virtually any event photography situation you may come across. With our easy-to-use interface, this one program combines industry leading green screen (chroma key) technology, lenticular-flip compositing, 3D-output, on-site printing, credit card and point-of-sale transactions, detailed reporting features, and much more.

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A completely customizable free-standing self-help photo kiosk that allows your guests to place photo and photo gift orders, accepts cash and/or credit card transactions, prints locally or sends print orders to sales stations elsewhere and so much more!

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OnDemand Digital Delivery Services

Photogra, Inc.'s fully integrated digital delivery solution, Pro Hosted Services, enables photo operators to offer onsite - onDemand digital delivery services to their guests. Photogra provides all storage, server side services, and customer support to guests using service. Perfect for offering your guests the ability to engage with their favorite social media sites.

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The CORTEX enterprise system delivers a dynamic suite of proprietary components in an uncompromising photo imaging package that addresses the needs of the most exacting corporate partners. From cruise ships to resorts, this formidable platform is the one-stop-shop solution to all venues demanding a sophisticated yet flexible imaging system.
Features include:
  • Self-Service Multi-touch Kiosks
  • Mobile Device App
  • Advanced Image Tagging
  • Facial Recognition
  • Photo Book Creation Tool
  • Special Event Android App
  • Lab Management System
  • Studio Software
  • Wireless Capture Devices
  • Online Sales
  • Home-delivered Product Range with Fulfillment Utility
  • Analysis & Reporting Module
  • Social Media Connectivity
Whether you are large or small, revenue-driven or service-centric, the modular approach of our CORTEX system delivers the flexibility to fashion an imaging solution that reflects your brand ideals, while increasing your revenue potential and ensuring the highest guest satisfaction.

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Allow your guests the opportunity to email their photos, and share photos on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram using our fully integrated email capture program. Perfect for enhancing your photo operation and collecting data.

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THE ULTIMATE LAB WORKFLOW FOR PRO LABS offers the lab owner the perfect turnkey solution for managing orders and customer service thought their business. LabDataServices provide your clients with an easy way to submit orders into your product workflow. also offers any photography web site a turnkey solution for tapping into our own professional photo finishing lab. LabDataservices is your key to unlocking the hundreds of products produced by our lab,

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Xpress web bsaed ordering system is designed for speed & ease of use. Access your images from anywhere in the world. Upload and store your images for free. Recall past orders, settings and crops at a click for easy reordering. Offering a wide array of photographic products. The perfect tool for Pros and Prosumers alike!
Have your own photo finishing lab? Xpress can be rebranded to meet the branding and product needs for your lab. Contact us for more information.

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Paired with our proprietary uploading software solution, allow us to construct the perfect photo web site for your business or venue. This is the perfect add on to an existing business or a business your want to take online.
Photogra, Inc. services will also all your to use our photo finishing lab to produce all of your orders. Great revenue share opportunities available. Features include ecommerce application and social networking tools.

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